Arif’s Diet copyright policy

You cannot use any of our content for commercial purposes unless you have obtained the right to do so from us.

The information we provide at is not intended to replace consultation with a qualified medical professional. Seek the advice of your physician or another qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

The content we provide is not intended to be relied upon for medical diagnosis or treatment. Inform your physician of any changes you may make to your lifestyle and discuss these with him or her. Do not disregard medical advice or delay visiting a medical professional because of something you read on our site, app, or on our other communication channels.

You may not use our recipes or membership content unless you have obtained the right to do so from us.

Arif’s Diet privacy policy stores and uses personal information in order to provide you with good service. We will never sell your information, and will only share it with third parties (like service providers) when needed to operate and improve our services

What information Arif’s Diet collects and why

Information from website browsers

We store standard access logs of all visits to the site. This includes access time, page visited, browser information and internet address, which can potentially be personally identifying. We may also store how the user interacts with the site, including clicks, scrolling etc.

Why do we collect this?

We collect this information to better understand how our website visitors use Arif’s Diet, and to monitor and protect the security of our services.

We may store information about how our apps are being used. This can include access time, page visited, browser information, internet address, button and link clicks, scrolling and all other ways in which someone interacts with the app, which can potentially be personally identifying.

User-provided information

When you submit information to Arif’s Diet, via our site, apps etc., to comment on posts and articles, rate a recipe or video, ask or answer a question, customize a meal plan, mark content as favorite or to watch later, or in other ways the content submitted is processed and stored. If you are logged in it may be linked to your account. It will also in some cases include your internet address, which is potentially personally-identifying.

Please be careful with any personal or sensitive health information you submit or share. Comments, success stories, and similar content can be visible to anyone visiting the site! We do not filter user-submitted content for personal information or sensitive information, and by submitting it you give permission to publish the content, and to store and process it as needed for that purpose.

The information may be transmitted, processed and stored by third-party service providers to detect spam and to ensure that the service works as intended.

Why do we collect this?

  • We need to process and store the information as necessary to publish it.
  • We need to detect spam and other forms of invalid use of our services.
  • We need to monitor usage and to ensure that the service works as intended.
  • We need to understand how our services are used, and we want to periodically publish reports on this. For those purposes the information may be aggregated, analyzed and published (with personally-identifying information removed).
  • We need to improve the service you receive and we may use the information you supply, like your ratings, to improve the services we offer you.
  • We need to monitor and protect the security of our services and your information.

Member information

If you sign up for the membership we collect your name, email address and payment information. We collect information about all subscription payments, and data and statistics on how you use the site including video views and when you last visited the site.

We also store your answers to surveys you may reply to via email or on

If membership of Arif’s Diet were to be considered sensitive personal information (health information), by signing up you give us permission to handle your information.

Payment details are processed and stored by our third-party payment service providers. We do not store your actual payment details, like full credit card information. That information is only handled by our payment service providers.

Your stored basic personal information and order information are displayed on your account page once you have become a member.

Why do we collect this?

  • We need personal and payment information to set up and charge for the membership.
  • We need to use your email address to communicate with you if needed for the membership (for example if a payment fails).
  • We need to collect and store information as reasonably needed to respond to support requests.
  • We need to collect and store information regarding payments as mandated by law (for example for accounting and for VAT reporting).
  • We need to monitor and protect the security of our services and your information.
  • We need to keep improving our services, and for that purpose may contact some members to ask you to help us with this, as well as collect and store information about the usage of our services.

Sharing of information with third parties

Arif’s Diet will not share your personal information with any third party unless absolutely required to do so by law, or unless required for those service providers we use to operate and improve Arif’s Diet.

Service providers handles services such as payment processing, spam detection, network data transmission, and other similar services.

We remain responsible for your information when shared with our service providers, and it will only be used and stored for the purposes detailed in this document.

Changes to terms or privacy policy

Arif’s Diet will not change the core philosophy of our privacy policy and terms, but may otherwise update them from time to time. If there are significant changes we will make reasonable efforts to notify you before they take effect. For minor changes that do not affect your rights we encourage you to check this page frequently.